Competence in Sheet metal manufacturing

From steel, stainless steel and aluminum, we manufacture everything that our customers require, from simple laser-cut parts to ready-to-install systems! Bechtold offers future in sheet metal!

Professional sheet metal manufacturing means manual skills and industrial production at the same time, it is both instinctive feeling and robust processes. We maintain cooperation and enhance creativity. From these values new ideas arise to achieve an optimal product at the end: in the appropriate quality, manufactured with the highest precision and delivered on time, at a reasonable price.

For us, every customer and every task, is individual. We commit to high-performance targets from the very beginning. That's why we know our way around sheet metal processing. First and foremost, however, we meet the requirement that our customers demand from us: "Bechtold as a problem solver".


Certified Competence

With our approvals, we ensure your quality standards. Thanks to permanent improvement processes, we are always up to date.

Planned certification DIN EN 1090

We are currently planning the certification according to DIN EN 1090. As soon as we have been certified, we will inform on our website.


DIN ISO 9001:2015

TÜV certificate for quality management system for the production and distribution of sheet metal constructions according to ISO 9001: 2015.

For us, this standardized quality system is much more than just a certificate. The entire company is geared towards this. The many audits of our customers have confirmed this to us. The constant monitoring of delivery reliability and the quality quota are part of our everyday life and allow us to solve difficult and complex tasks on time. We use a modern ERP system to support this. The continuous improvement process (CIP) and the constant training of our employees help us to keep up with the times.

DIN EN 15085-2

Welding is an important process in our manufacturing. With a welding engineer, three welding specialists and over 300 welder exams a year, we have acquired expertise that we are happy to show. Even complex components are a solvable task for us.

DIN 2303

We have expanded our welding expertise and now also meet the requirements of military technology.

Machine list

Our machine park needs no further comment. Look for yourself:

LaserTrumpf 6kW31550 x 3000 mm(Stainless) steel up to 30 mm, Aluminium up to 15 mm
Laser/Punching-CombinationTrumpf Fiber21250 x 2500 mmNibbling, beading, thread forming, gills, etc. possible
BendingTrumpf5Bending length up to 3000 mmfrom 35 to 230 tons pressure
DeburringWeber1up to 20 mmContinuous deburring, descaling and grinding of steel
DeburringWeber1up to 20 mmContinuous deburring of stainless steel and aluminium
Welding robotCloos12 x 1 x 1 m³3D-Welding, TIG and MIG/MAG
WeldingLorch10 MIG/MAG, TIG of steel, stainless steel and aluminium
Spot weldingDalex44 mm steel on 4 mm steelSteel and stainless steel up to 4 mm, Aluminium up to 2,5 mm
CNC stud weldingSoyer5up to 20 mmPoint- and draw ignition
PEM SerterPEM2 Insert studs, nuts, etc.
Laser engravingTrotec SpeedMarker 130011000 x 700 mm 

(Last update: July 2020)



Guenter Bechtold founds the company. Our founder starts in an uncertain future with the idea of manufacturing petrol station equipment and oil can cabinets – additionally plumbing. What was intended as a craft business develops under the leadership of the courageous entrepreneur within 10 years into an industrial company with over 40 employees.


It is already the second move, but the first on its own premises. The company headquarters are relocated to Holzhofstrasse.


The courage pays off, the second hall has to be built. The paint shop is added.


If you want to keep up, you have to invest. Our company decides to enter the CNC technology and consequently industrial sheet metal production. The plumbing is stopped.


The change in management is being prepared, Guenter Bechtold is withdrawing, Kurt Bechtold and Dietmar Ahl are taking over the management as partners. The course is set for a modern future. In the next few years, the latest technology such as CNC bending, laser cutting and additional machining processes was bought. A network of partner companies is set up to develop ready-to-install components and systems.


Bechtold grows, our location grows with it. Bechtold GmbH bought the neighboring site and another production hall was added. The administration soon is located in its own building and the structures are adapted to the latest requirements. The idea of an industrial service provider is in our heads and runs through the entire company now.


Bechtold has weathered the current economic crisis well. With our solid equity base, a network of reliable partners and satisfied customers, we are set-up very positive for future challenges.

Bechtold GmbH company building

The new construction projects have been completed. The offices have been reunited into one building, the outdoor facilities have been brought up to date and the old building has been renovated to make it more energy-efficient. With the new construction of the logistics hall with a large storage capacity, order has returned to all areas, processes have been streamlined and the production process has been optimized.


In order to reduce energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint, we are installing a solar system with a peak output of 350 kW on the entire roof area, which will be expanded by another 100 kW in 2018 on our new building.


Bechtold continues to grow. We now have 105 employees and are completing another new building that will serve as a logistics center and at the same time creates space for rent. As a tenant, we were able to find a large dealer of standard parts and work safety with whom we began a sourcing partnership.


Our next goals

Our high technical standard and modern production are an obligation for the future. We are systematically developing our production today and in the following years.

Logistical systems, which are already a matter of course today, are being further expanded and digitized in order to be able to offer our customers a tailor-made delivery system according to their wishes. Another goal is to further develop automation, which we have already started with a fully automatic punch-laser center. Further (partially) automated solutions will follow in the next few years.


Ökostrom-Zertifikat E.ON

Sustainable manufacturing and environmental protection have become an important corporate goal. We produce 50% of our annual electricity consumption with our own solar system, the rest we buy as green electricity from the grid. Since 2018, we have been able to reduce the electricity requirements for lighting by LED lighting technology by 75%. 80% of our waste is recycled and thus returned to the economic cycle. Our buildings are efficiently insulated and are heated in a resource-saving manner using a combination of natural gas and electric heat pumps.

By replacing our machines with the latest generation (especially fiber lasers), we will be able to significantly reduce our energy consumption in the coming years. For business trips, we use the train wherever possible, which is important to us as a supplier in this area. The proportion of electric vehicles in the fleet is now 50%. We support the "Green Deal” of the EU Commission and support the goal of our federal government to be carbon neutral by 2050.