The hot table

In the beginning there was fire... Bechtold's Cooking-Pleasure-Philosophy lives this knowledge. 

The hot table - exclusively at Bechtold in Bavaria.

Almost two million years ago, people "invented" cooking – which had a decisive impact on their chances of survival, their fitness, and their growth in intelligence. For millennia and in all cultures, cooking and eating comfortably around a fireplace was and is the basis for good developments. It continues to be a health enhancing social factor – all cultures around the world keep it high, know that "eating well" means more than just food intake.

Of course we live differently today, which is why there is a "fireplace of the third millennium" appropriate to our requirements, on which we can cook at the highest modern level without annoying pots and clattering pans, but at the same time in a fascinatingly traditional way.

Bechtold offers this fireplace of the third millennium, always 100% made in Germany

With the broad range of complete "hot tables" in three product lines, the table tops and the built-in Teppan-plates for kitchen units, there is a sensible variety of products for every taste. With the Bechtold concept and the corresponding products you can re-experience in the best sense the archaic connection between cooking, eating and social gatherings every day as an extremely practical, very simple way of cooking as well as a wonderful emotional and original culinary philosophy.

Whether the classic round "hot cooking grill table", whether the built-in Teppan-plate, the portable table top oder the portable table for Gastro: in any case, cooking and eating with Bechtold products in everyday life becomes a holistic, sensual pleasure that is based on a brilliant way to wonderfully revive original cooking and eating, with a technically ingenious implementation for a phenomenal culinary philosophy: cooking and eating are no longer strictly separated, everything flows sensibly and culinary-sensually into one another.

Bechtold devices with the worldwide unique trough formation when heated let our senses come alive again and again in everyday life. You can find more information at:


Stainless steel 


  • Cooking-Grill-Table: classic, round
  • Teppan-Plate: built-in 
  • Table top: portable – cook, where you like to
  • Gastro variant: also portable

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